l have been in awe, looking up at the night sky since childhood. In the 1980's as a teenager, I developed a fascination in astronomy after reading "Contact" and "Cosmos", by the Astronomer Carl Sagan, given to me by my brother in law Scott MacCara. How vast the cosmos is! How spectacular! Billions of light years, the infinitude of space, matter, mind, that is everywhere, inspired my imagination. Is there other life out there? Are we alone in the universe or is there something more? Is there a supreme creator? The questions went on and on.

In 2015 I began looking at the photography of the Hubble Space Telescope at hubblesite.org, I was fascinated by the images of interstellar phenomenon: clouds, gasses, nebula, explosions, unbelievable beauty and vastness. Being a designer, I decided to see what I could do with the images, I could almost see faces, shapes and worlds in the originals. What could I create from this? I started by making cross-sectional cuts, I was then blown away by what I discovered in the patterns of the symmetries formed by mirroring the cross-sections. This 5-year long journey has resulted in the book of extraordinary images that follow.

I encourage you to explore for yourself the magic of space. On the next page are a few examples of the original source images. I encourage you to see if you can find the original image from hubblesite.org I used to create some of the following works.